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To The Nines

To The Nines Image

$3.50 / Bar

To The Nines Gourmet Chocolate Bar

Gluten free, No GMOs and Handmade.

White chocolate is reborn through this Bixby Bar as a sophisticated delicacy and is paired with luscious California grown pistachios and almonds; packed with colorful orange/red Goji berries that are full of powerful antioxidants.

We then top it off by introducing an ancient spice that is used in almost every culture in the world, cardamom, which gives this bar its own unique flavor and aroma.

The layers of flavors complement each other, offering a delicacy of an artisan chocolate snack bar that is low in calories, sugar and fat and high in antioxidants, natural fiber, Vitamin C and Omega-3s.

This exotic white bar is Internationally Inspired, American Born and dressed “To The Nines!”

= Organic White Chocolate
+ Pistachios, Almonds
+ Dried Goji berries
+ Cardamom