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Two and a half years ago, I was introduced to Whole Foods Market (WFM) through a program called YouthTrade for mission driven entrepreneurs under the Age of 35.  I was privileged to have one on one meetings with the North Atlantic (New England) WFM grocery buying team.  At the time, Bixby Bars were very much in the artisanal stage made completely by hand.  The North Atlantic Region then offered to launch Bixby Bars into all of its stores (at the time there were 28 (now 37) stores across New England).  My parents, then just retired from long standing careers of their own, jumped on board the Bixby & Co. ship and started paddling very hard with me to ready Bixby Bars for their launch into WFM North Atlantic stores.  Almost two years to the day from our inaugural launch, I am so proud to share the news with you that we are a Whole Foods Market Local Producer Loan Program Recipient!

This loan will allow Bixby & Co. to acquire a packaging system.  Yes, every single Bixby Bar has been wrapped by hand for two and half years.  The new packaging system will be a significant performance improvement in the lives of the Bixby & Co. team!  On behalf of all of us at Bixby & Co., I would like to thank WFM for taking a chance on a young entrepreneur and believing in her dream of producing Bixby Bars–the Candy Bar Reinvented!

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