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Bixby & Co.’s new Nutty for You wins Good Food Award!

Bixby & Co.’s new Nutty for You, a dark chocolate craft candy snack bar is the winner of the prestigious Good Food Award. Bixby founder Kate McAleer traveled to San Francisco to accept the award on Friday.

“We are absolutely thrilled,” McAleer said about the award, which is designed to commend food products that have superior taste and that are also manufactured in a socially responsible manner. “We’ve always believed that great taste and socially responsible production go hand-in-hand,” she said. “We’ve made responsibility and great taste centerpieces of our business — which is growing wonderfully — and we are so happy for this recognition.”

Bixby’s new Nutty for You bar is hand-made with peanuts, Maine sea salt, peanut butter, and rich dark chocolate. It has five times as much protein and four times as much fiber as a standard candy bar. Nutty for you is vegan and all organic. It is also kosher, non-GMO verified, gluten free certified, and Rain Forest Alliance certified.

You can’t get much more socially responsible than Bixby’s “Indulge, Satisfy, Energize” Nutty for You bar. And, it is totally delicious.

That all fits perfectly with the Bixby brand. Bixby is a small, family-owned company in Rockland Maine, an idyllic working-waterfront community in the Midcoast area of that rugged state. Since its inception four years ago, Bixby has been steadfastly committed to social responsibility and supporting its close-knit, small-town-Maine community. The market has responded enthusiastically to the Bixby products, with nearly 1,700 retailers carrying the delicious bars across the country. Those are all reasons why McAleer was Maine’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015.

Just like the upward trajectory of McAleer’s business, the Good Food Award Bixby won is gaining in recognition. Awards for socially responsible food products and products that taste great have typically remained separate. The Good Food Award is designed to bring those qualities together. There were nearly 2,000 applications for the 2016 awards — a 30 percent increase from the previous year. Finalists are chosen for 13 categories of food and beverages, ranging from charcuterie and spirits, to honey and coffee.

This year’s winners were announced at the Herbst Pavilion in the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture in San Francisco, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay. Attendees included Carlo Petrini, Alice Waters, and Nell Newman.

“I’m so glad that the market is welcoming delicious products that support local communities, are all natural, and are produced in a responsible way,” McAleer said. “And it’s great that the Good Food Award recognizes that.”

To celebrate, we’re also offering a baker’s dozen of Nutty for You to purchase online.