“My friends who received the chocolates as a gift were so delighted. Their comments: "Best chocolates EVER!" So thanks so much for a great product! Best, Lily”

Malia Dell

The Mayan Style drinking chocolate is INCREDIBLE. I even baked with it today! I used it in my cayenne chocolate coconut muffins instead of chocolate chips. Great quality chocolate! Nice work!  Malia Dell--author Food That Works

Down East Magazine

"Ain't She Sweet"

You can almost see the sepia-toned ad in a 1920s Vanity Fair: “Busby Berkeley Thinks Bixby Bars Are the Bee’s Knees!"--Elizabeth Peavey

The Courier-Gazette

"There is no way in a news story to convey a sense of the aroma that pervades Rockland's chocolate bar factory, not to mention the taste of the final product." Dan Dunkle