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Vegan Chocolate Bars—Energy Covered in Chocolate.  Indulge. Satisfy. Energize.  

Vegan Chocolate Bars—Energy Covered in Chocolate.  Indulge. Satisfy. Energize.


We get it.  We also research vegan & organic products before we buy them.  So we made this video just for you!

  • “My friends who received the chocolates as a gift were so delighted. Their comments: "Best chocolates EVER!" So thanks so much for a great product! Best, Lily”


  • The Mayan Style drinking chocolate is INCREDIBLE. I even baked with it today! I used it in my cayenne chocolate coconut muffins instead of chocolate chips. Great quality chocolate! Nice work!  Malia Dell--author Food That Works

    Malia Dell

  • You can almost see the sepia-toned ad in a 1920s Vanity Fair: “Busby Berkeley Thinks Bixby Bars Are the Bee’s Knees!"--Elizabeth Peavey

    Down East Magazine

  • "There is no way in a news story to convey a sense of the aroma that pervades Rockland's chocolate bar factory, not to mention the taste of the final product." Dan Dunkle

    The Courier-Gazette

  • "In a sample of the Whippersnapper, the black pepper arrives late, giving the aftertaste an unforgettable edge. The cherries in Knockout are aggressively real: sweet, sour, chewy, and the perfect contrast to the creamy, salty crunch of peanut."  Sophie Nelson

    Maine Magazine

  • “Bixby & Co.’s chocolate bars embody all the hottest buzzwords in food: ORGANIC, GLUTEN-FREE, RAIN FOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED AND VEGAN-FRIENDLY.

    Portland Press Herald

  • Amazing flavors with a fantastic texture. I am so glad I discovered your chocolates. I will be giving many as gifts.

    Bekki Sanchez

  • Excellent, adult flavors! Fine craftsmanship! Truly dedicated, family centric entrepreneurs whose product reflects their love of what they do! Such a nice family! Here's to an affair I can really sink my teeth into! I can't wait to savour the flavors again and again. Yum!!

    Alli Ronco Young

  • Stumbled upon a Bixby Knockout bar at the grocery store the other day...OMG! The best chocolate bar I have ever tasted! So good in fact I went back and bought the eight bars that were left! YUM! Can't wait to try others!

    Molly Hollars-Bankston